Trouvetoncommercial v 1.5

IF Research Polska goes on enhancing website.

Version 1.5 of the application is complete. is a French site with job offers between companies and commercial traders.


IF Research Polska finished the version 1.0 of the web site is a French site with job offers between companies and commercial traders.

10 years

IF Research Polska celebrates 10-year anniversary.

We want to thank all our clients, partners and employees for making these

10 years pass so quickly and be part of the company’s success!

Twistir, Social Media TV

IF Research Polska developed a Social Media TV for companies communication.


Twistir is the name of a new product that allows to display social media information (linked to a Facebook wall or Twitter tags for ex.) on television screens.


An ideal product for companies who want to improve their image and their communication internally.

Financial Help to a local Culture and Sport Center

Once again, IF Research Polska comes with an help for the Culture and Sport center in Stare Pole.

This financial help will go to the “I Ty możesz zostać Mikołajem” action that will finance the organization of a Christmas Party for the kids of Stare Pole.

Collaboration with Deloitte Conseil

IF Research Polska started, at the beginning of the year, a long-term collaboration with Deloitte Conseil in the statistical analysis field.

It concentrates mainly on programmation in the R language and mathematical expertise.

IAESTE program

It’s been 4 years that IF Research Polska has been participating to the IAESTE student exchange program.

This program allows students from different parts of the World to come and work as a trainee in another country. We had the pleasure so far to welcome trainees from India, Spain, and Portugal. app

The new iPhone application is available on the AppStore

The new iPhone application, written by IF Research Polska, is now available on the AppStore

Help to the local community

IF Research Polska thinks it is important to help the local community organizations and fundations.
During the last months, IF Research Polska financially helped the following local organizations from the Gdansk area:

RoboBusters results in First Lego League Central European Finals

We want to thank the RoboBusters team for their good results in the First Lego League Central Europeen Final that took place in Paderborn, Germany on Jan. 22nd. Here are the results (out of 24 European teams):


  • Robot Design: 12th place,
  • Teamwork: 9th place,
  • Research presentation: 4th place


Overall ranking including Robot Game: 13th